1. The End.

    Hey there, friends!

    So as all of you know by this point, the Unconditional Tour has come to a close. I’m writing this final blog from the comfort of my own living room, enjoying an ice cold Coke and some Harry Potter. 

    Last time we checked in with you guys, Oshie was sidelined with a dislocated shoulder and Brandon was puking his insides out in Minnesota. Luckily, by the next show in Denver all was well again! Oshie was able to play the entire set with us and Brandon made it through without throwing up once! (As far as I know… maybe he threw up in his mouth or something.)

    Denver was great as always, we love playing Summit Music Hall and having 1UP right around the corner to go hangout at afterwards is always a plus. Also, while we were in Denver, we picked up our good friend Johnny, who flew in from Columbus to do some video work with us!

    After Denver, we had about a million hour drive from there to Spokane, Washington. We dealt with some of the craziest weather we’ve ever seen on this drive and almost slid off a mountain in the process! Along the way, we had to stop and help out the guys in A Skylit Drive because the heavy winds almost ripped the roof off of their RV and we found out after we arrived in Spokane that The Word Alive snapped the axle on their trailer while driving through the same blizzard we did. 

    Once we were in Spokane, we played a pretty fun show at the Knitting Factory, followed up by a drive to Seattle where we got to play an awesome show at Studio Seven! After playing at Seven, Kamron and I caught a cab over to The Wonder Years show at the El Corazon to catch up with our friends in Citizen and Real Friends. The show was amazing and we’re glad we got to hang out with them. 

    After Seattle, we hit up Portland, the land of Voodoo donuts and had an amazing show at the Wonder Ballroom. We played on the floor and in the crowd as much as we could because as you guys know, shows without barricades are our kind of shows. 

    After that we got to see some friends in Sacramento at Ace of Spades and enjoy some burgers and brew, then came the big day we’d all been waiting for at Self Help Fest. 

    The show was absolutely incredible and we got to see some of our favorite bands perform that day as well as getting to play a pretty unreal set early on in the day after Hundredth. 

    Sincerely guys, it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life to get to play that show and to see you guys having as uch fun as we were having. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for letting us have that moment with you guys, it means more than you will know.

    We wrapped up the end of the tour with a stop at the SOMA in San Diego, as well as a few days off in LA where we got to shoot a music video for a new song with Drew Russ. We’re really stoked how everything turned out for this video and we are really excited for you guys to see it when it comes out.

    After that, we had one more show in Mesa, AZ at the Nile Theater and we’re glad we were able to get a picture with the whole tour before the night was over. It was a long drive home from Arizona, but we just want to thank all the bands involved with the tour as well as all of you guys who came out to see the shows and have fun with us. Thank you so much for your constant love and support from the beginning and we’re stoked to see you guys at Warped Tour.

    With love,

    The Toof.


  2. gingermcnosouls said: Did you like playing the Palladium on the Unconditional tour?

    The Palladium was one of our favorite shows of the tour. It was so much fun and you guys had some crazy energy.


  3. mattitude2 said: Do you plan on ever doing house shows again?

    Hopefully! It’s difficult to do them when you’re in contract with other tours.


  4. onletting-juturna-go said: Is the new bassist and guitarist tour with you guys now part of the band or just with you guys for touring?

    Kamron has been a part of the band since before the ABR tour and Oshie is now our new bass player.


  5. Are you guys sad the tour’s over?

    Tell us your favorite memories from the shows!

  6. Thanks for coming out Joilet, IL

    We love every one of you.

    Thanks to Chelsea Keith for the photo and Stage Right Secrets for coming out and posting this awesome review! (interview coming!!!)


  7. invasion-of-thoughts said: What are you guys planning on doing between the Europe tour with OMAM and Warped?

    Sitting at home, doing nothin!


  8. camerondialup said: Hey Toof, where's Nick been? Is he no longer in the band?

    He just wasn’t able to tour with us anymore. No hard feelings. He’s still one of our best friends.


  9. fearthetooth-deactivated2014032 said: I just sent a message instead of a question. Oops. What's the new bassists name? I know he used to be in City Lights.

    His name is Oshie! He’s been a great friend of ours for a long time.


  10. haris-ad said: When you come to ASIA ?

    Hopefully as soon as we possibly can! We want to play in Asia so bad!


  11. sharkbaitoohhah said: How much are beanies and crewnecks on tour ?

    Beanies are $15, Crewnecks are $35


  12. Are you guys ready for an overhaul of us answering the questions we haven’t gotten to yet?


  13. "I was pleasantly surprised to find that the band was taken in a different direction away from the “electronic” type and towards a more a raw metal-core style."
    — Alaina Hagenseker (Stage Right Secrets)
  14. 3/6 Starland Ballroom - Sayreville, NJ. 

    Thanks for letting us jam, New Jersey!

    And a special thanks to Jesse Murch and Cryptic Rock!


  15. "As Beartooth began, their passionate no-nonsense in your face style was took center stage with all members jumping and running around stage."
    — Jesse Murch (Cryptic Rock)